Illustration process

Have you ever thought, how does the pic that represents a topic have been crafted so well, tailored for it? Have you ever wondered why the artistic beauty of a plant looks so beautiful? Well, that’s the illustration of someone’s mind!

So, have you ever thought what process does the illustration go through? If it’s the plain art work, we know that it makes use of time, pencil and colours! Just a sketch, but a real beauty! But, today the technology has improved the illustration process and there are tools to make your illustration much better and easier.

So, many illustrators use digital platform for the ease of use and re-positioning in the later stages. It can be later repurposed with different layers, effects to match a different purpose. There are tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Vector tool, Corel Painter tool etc.

Most of the companies today, aimed at developing an art that is scale independent. This is the reason why anyone can use the illustration without worrying about the platform and its compatibility.

The Formats of the Illustration:

Illustrations, as we said, are depicted in many forms, like the pic, a document that can be printed and so on. So here is a look of the common formats used in illustrations.

  • Using Interactive CD’s: HTML, VOB, FLA, SWF
  • For Printing Purpose: PDF, TIF, EPS
  • Using in PowerPoint: Keynote, PPT
  • For Online publishing purposes: GIF, PNG, SVG, JPG

Communicating the Revisions Online:

Often people end up paying more for the revisions than the actual job. The reason is the non-clarity between the illustrator and the client. But, resolving that can happen only if the client is sure about what the product or outcome should actually look like!

Without that clarity, all the illustrations would be in vain, without serving the purpose. Communication gap during art development leads to such long iterations which sometimes make the experience bad!

Well, don’t get scared at the thought of revisions. There is another technical side to it, which comes to the aid of clients. The tool enables you as a client to give your comment and share your experience and information via this tool which can be immediately seen and changed by the illustrator.

So this option reduces the number of iterations involved in revising. It’s like you get to see the work of the illustrator directly and comment.

Re-usage of Illustrations:

Yes, you can re-use the illustration just as the same, or even reuse in a different way for a different purpose. The EPS file is an editable file that requires an Adobe to work with, in case you know someone to get eh work done immediately.

In case you need re-works, most of the companies keep the file archived for about a year and help the client in such situations.

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Illustration process

Have you ever thought, how does the pic that represents a topic have been crafted so well, tailored for it?